Did you know there are less than 60 days left in this year. Its time time to celebrate you!

The 50 over 50 Campaign is still on and going strong.

Will you choose to be one of the 50 Stars?

Remember when we said that the 50 over 50 campaign will have a night of celebration? Well it’s happening! That’s right everyone. The details of the exclusive event are still in flow and let me tell you, they are tantalizing. We are planning an in-person event for May 2022. To make sure its done right, I’ve hired Malak Sidky as the event planner (check her out!). We are not backing away from this and its full steam ahead.

We just need YOU!

We have 30 spots left to fill. All shoots will be photographed by the end of March 2022. We are now booking for January and February. (Pssst, we have a few spots left in November). First come, first serve!

We are open with full safety precautions in place. Book your session and get ready to feel like you are walking on cloud nine during your shoot. Then circle May in your calendar as the event of 2022 that you’ll have to look forward to. We need this kind of celebration especially now.

Dust off that evening gown girlfriend, you’re gonna need it!

Learn more and apply here.

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