Cannabis as an Analgesic

Date: September 23, 2020: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


  • Discuss the role of the endocannabinoid system in pain management
  • Review the evidence-based medicine pertaining to cannabis use as an analgesic
  • Review routes of administration and dosing of CBD and THC
  • Discuss common painful conditions treated with cannabis, such as neuropathic pain migraines and cancer
  • Introduce the clinical endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome
  • Discuss dependence and addiction

About Michelle Weiner, DO, MPH

Dr. Michelle Weiner is double board certified in Interventional Pain Management and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is the chair of the Florida medical marijuana advisory committee and co founder of cannabinoid health institute. She is known as South Florida’s Medical Cannabis and CBD expert and educator. Dr. Weiner completed her residency and fellowship training at the University of Miami. She practices personalized medicine focusing on the etiology and offering individualized holistic treatment option

Dr. Weiner is faculty at Nova southeastern University and also faculty at Florida International University (FIU) where she conducts her research on using cannabis as a substitute for opioids in chronic pain patients and educates the residents and students. She is currently participating in research at University of Arizona evaluating the pharmacokinetics of water soluble nano cannabinoid and terpene products.

She is an advocate for and a leader in the Florida Medicinal Cannabis industry educating and treating in the office hospital and skilled nursing facilities.

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