Managing Risk and Impact in a World of COVID

Date: November 19, 2021: 8:30 am - 10:30 am

MPI Atlantic Canada Chapter - In-person event

Are we really prepared for in-person events?

Risk Management and contracts are an essential part of the events industry. We are pros at preparing for the unpredictable, identifying threats and developing response plans.  However, with COVID-19, we are facing new risks and it is important to understand how to navigate them.  Even as we return to in person events and social distancing restrictions begin to lesson, there are still new factors we must consider that weren’t necessary before.

Join Malak Sidky, DES, HMCC, founder and president of Health Care Event Planning, for this informative session.  Malak is certified in Pandemic On-Site Protocol from the Event Leadership Institute. Malak is the Founder and President of Health Care Event Planning, and an experienced industry expert. Her events include think tanks, webinars, workshops, advisory board meetings, continuing medical education (CME) sessions, wellness retreats, union conventions and multi-day conferences.

In this important workshop, we will analyze a case study and explore ways to navigate risks to ensure a safe event and prepare solid contracts for the world today.

Let’s arm ourselves with the tools and information we need to execute in person events safely.

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