CanSPEP Business Summit

All Day Event
February 13, 2019

Leveraging Digital Tools to Elevate your Business

Elevate your business...

As event professionals we have explored digital trends in the event industry to enhance delegate experience. So why do entrepreneurs (small businesses) insist on operating their businesses offline, in an analog environment? It’s time to leverage digital tools to grow your business, increase productivity and efficiency and connect with your target market.

The 2019 CanSPEP Business Summit promises to open your eyes to the different ways you can bring your business to the next level. Join us to stay on the right track!

Proposed Topics / Sessions

Digitize your business and gain a competitive edge with a step by step plan

Digitizing your business is essential to its continuing success, but it can be hard to pinpoint which projects and investments deserve your attention. Join Pierre Cléroux, BDC’s Chief Economist, and Peter Lawler, Executive Vice President of BDC Advisory services and an expert on digitization, who will reveal a step-by-step process that you can use to digitize your business and gain a competitive edge.

You’ll discover:

  •     The main digital technologies Canadian entrepreneurs use
  •     The benefits of digitizing on profitability
  •     BDC’s free online tool that evaluates your level of digital maturity and compares it with other firms in your industry
  •     A step-by-step plan to digitize your business

Why digital matters to your business

Our research shows that in the last 3 years, businesses with greater digital maturity were:

  •     62% more likely to have enjoyed high sales growth
  •     52% more likely to have enjoyed high profit growth
  •     70% more likely to have exported
  •     3X more likely to have innovated

Businesses with low digital maturity:

  •     have performed poorly over the last 3 years
  •     a quarter have seen sales plummet in the last few years

Presented by the BDC

Opening Up Your Toolkit

Over the course of 2 separate time slots, 6 presenters will present on a variety of different topics, geared towards your use and understanding of digital tools, or the new digital work environment, to better prepare you and your business for the next chapter. We will explore:

  1. Project Management Tools for your Business
  2. AV Trends: doing more with less
  3. Striking the Balance between your personal and professional personal on Social Media
  4. Securing your Workplace
  5. Working with a VA
  6. Managing your IP

StressAssess Survey

Excessive demands. NEW TECHNOLOGIES. No control over workload. LACK OF SUPPORT. Does this sound like you?!?

No one needs to tell you that event planning is stressful work!  So this wrap-up session will help you identify where your particular stressors are. After filling out a short workplace stress survey, we will break into groups and brainstorm ways of dealing the issues you have in common with each other. John Oudyk is the person behind StressAssess, a tool designed to help individuals and organizations identify workplace stressors. He will lead you through this final workshop, to lead the group to help find ideas to keep your workplace stressors in balance.

The StressAssess survey is a survey of the psychosocial factors in your workplace, and was adapted and designed for the Canadian workplace by Dr. John Oudyk, an Occupational Hygienist with the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers. This survey is based on the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ) and has been adapted to address concerns within the Canadian workplace.

** This survey was developed in partnership with the Mental Injury Tool Group (MIT).

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