November 19, 2020


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CanSPEP Day Keynote Address

"Future Forward"

“We recognize change is happening,” says Michael Hainsworth. “We know that the smartphones we carry around with us, the artificial intelligence that’s being built today, and the robotics of tomorrow are all going to change our lives. But they’re going to change our lives in ways we’re really not aware of.”In this exciting, high-energy keynote, Michael dives into what’s happening now, and what it means for tomorrow. He explores hot topics like augmented reality (are you ready for your replacement eyeballs?), biohacking and medicine, automation, transportation, smart cities, and much more. He touches on nearly every industry and gives a sweeping, big-picture look at the future that will change the way you think about technology and your industry. Count on our “resident nerd” for an engaging, eyebrow-raising talk that will have us buzzing.

Michael Hainsworth
Finance and Technology Television Personality
Co-Host of Geeks + Beats

Michael Hainsworth is a veteran news reporter and lifelong geek. Hainsworth spent 18 years at BNN, and as Senior Anchor distilled the day’s most important financial and technology stories into understandable and engaging reports for 2.2 million viewers on the network and the CTV Evening News nation-wide. Hainsworth co-created the world’s first weekly television show dedicated to mobile technology and it’s impact on society, App Central, seen by more than a million viewers in Canada, Europe and Australia. He is the Executive Producer and Editor in Chief of Futurithmic, a documentary series and publication about the impact technology today will have on society in the future. He is also the co-host of one of Canada’s most popular podcasts, Geeks & Beats, with radio legend Alan Cross. Now in its 6th season, the show has an audience equivalent of packing Massey Hall once a week.
November 18 (1:00 to 4:00 pm)
Re-Imagined CanSPEP Pricing Session Day Highlight
(Complimentary for CanSPEP Members Only)
"You CAN Develop a Pricing Strategy That Works!"
(Presented by Therese Jardine)

Therese Jardine - Principal
Strategic Event Procurement

Therese Jardine provides thought leadership to the event industry. She has over 30 years of business experience and managed the procurement strategy for Microsoft’s event portfolio for 15 years. Therese has deep expertise in Event Procurement Strategy, with a keen focus on Strategic Meetings Management, Contract Negotiations, Payment Solutions, and Supplier Engagement.
Therese has worked closely with suppliers to negotiate rates and has a strong background in Finance. She understands the cost components that go into setting a price, as well as the value provided to the client. She uses this knowledge to advise suppliers on different approaches to pricing their services.

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